About Us

Who we are

LeGrandCoin is a small ads website for Africans worldwide and visitors to Africa that can be used to sell, buy, hire, exchange and give away goods and services. The African countries currently covered include Cameroon, Gabon, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Guinea (Conakry), Ivory Coast, DRC, Liberia and Togo. The African diaspora currently covered include those in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands, United States, Canada and China. Notwithstanding, visitors from other African countries or from the diaspora of countries not yet covered can be included on request. Contact us contact us and we will include the country in LeGrandCoin.

LeGrandCoin Forum

LeGrandCoin also has a forum  where any question can be asked for some answers and any African issues can be discussed including: information and communications technology, education, business, money transfer, microfinance, music, movie industry, culture politics, agriculture, real estate, tourism, jobs, sports, travel, etc.


Anyone including businesses can advertise goods and services and registration is required to that. Advertisements are free for everyone and will remain so indefinitely.  Contact us if you want your ads to be featured or have specific requirements.

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